Dream House of Bakadono


Bakadono isn’t an Architect. I’m an Guy, who love to create something for my home. my own thing. that’s why this site is creating, i trying to collect all the information inneed, just to make sure that every marterial in construction an house green energy, and good looking. If you are interesting with me, or have the same idea, please have a seat and read some of my collection here. Thanks you very much.

… Why do the Ahó (Bakadono) trying to create this website? Yes, he Baka. But he know that he must build the house for himself, exactly the right of his life way. And yet, he going to moving to an new place, that’s the new home of the Bakadono. So he knew he must do something for it, because someone else will come and tell him what to do.

Green Material? (This is what i dreaming about to have it), yes. for the longtime we’re hear a lot about the “effects of global warming”, yeah. i don’t know who will being an victim of the calling “effects of global warming”, but for sure one thing that, i must make my home clean and fresh weather, fresh air, and all the other thing you can pointing at.

The Green Buildings Material Stuff is collection of myself, it’s something few like… “The Solar Panel?”, or maybe “New Technology of Farm, or Agriculture”, everything else, if it clean and safe, and making us independent from…

… And yes, The Green Material have some favourite of mine about things else, like Passport wallets, document cover bag, personal thing… so don’t be sorry for me, because i build my life here, an list to do thing for me.

Baka Stuff? this area i posts all the product i made in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Proudly say with the international friends that these thing was “Made by Bakadono”. That’s an best part i want to say from the start. LOL :). There are many stuff i trying to sell under my name, as i’m who create, made it. So have an great time when you see it, and please order something if you like it. Thanks a lot.