Dream House of Bakadono

Few thing you need to know about Bakadono and how it’s works.

Why baka?

Because the owner of this website is the baka, if you didn’t knew what baka is, please googling for it and you will have an answer, it’s an word from Japan, it’s pointing to someone doing something stupid :(.

What exactly Bakadono doing?

Do you going to the first page at ?

In the Introduction section it’s already an map show for you how Bakadono working on. There is the place i trying to collecting information in need to building my own house. i thing it experience will help some people like me, so i public all the information i have to share to another who will working like me to build house by himself.

The Address


Official is

Social Network

Official email or


Who owned this shit?

This site belong to

  • Thao Am Private Enterprise
  • 3702542626
  • Pham Xuan Tiep and all the other baka working with him.


This is our official Mon.

  • [x] Here what they say about our mon.

Whether you use it in personal or in business use, You do not worry about copy right. Because these symboles are made around 700 years ago. From Japan Creative Center

Mon In-line with black-and-white

In-line black-and-white.

Who sponsor this shit?

Yes, we do have an sponsored. They call is “AdSense” i don’t know exactly that it mean, but it’s ok. because they pay well.


IMPORTANT Don’t tell Monkey :(