When She Wants To Be Just Friends

When She Wants To Be Just Friends

She told me she just wants to be friends. We texted about it and then she says that she needs a day of space to thank about it. The day passes and she says ‘hey sorry if i sounded rude earlier i needed some me time’ without saying anything about where our relationship is going. How should I even handle this? Ignore completely? A simple “k”? What?


Whenever a woman tells you that she just wants to be friends it is her politely telling you that you do nothing for her in the sexual department but she wants to keep you around because you make her feel better about herself. Being friends with a woman is a shitty thing for a guy. Women’s friendship is nowhere near what a man’s friendship is worth. So while you are out driving her around and picking up dinner tabs or listening to her bitch about her tough day or that asshole that is pumping her, she provides you with nothing in return except for the privilege of spending time with her. So never accept being just friends. It’s failing a shit test as far as I’m concerned. Tell her you have enough friends and move on. Always be the one that is willing to walk away or you will hold no power. Also if you argue with her about being just friends you are basically trying to negotiate desire with her and that doesn’t work. Just accept that she doesn’t find you attractive enough to not shit test you like that and move on.


But really the response doesn’t really matter, just find someone else. On the other hand friendships aren’t entirely useless, if she has a good social circle and you can integrate yourself into it you can have an easier time then cold approaches. Just think of her as a door, of course you have to know if she has social circle worth bothering with.