Altifarm The all-season modular home farm

Altifarm The all-season modular home farm

with Self-watering + Grow lights + Greenhouse + Mobility. Grow like a Pro at home!

Designed for tight urban spaces and your busy lifestyle, Altifarm helps you enjoy the freshness of homegrown herbs and vegetables, and the joy of gardening with very little space and effort. Our modular home-farm is fuss-free, flexible, mobile, easy to install and an attractive addition to your abode. We’ve made it so simple that you don’t even have to worry about too much or too little water. Dream come true, right?

The price, the product, shipping, payment, and more

  • The price range from $289 to $649.

Back Altifarm on Indiegogo and the next time when you replicate your favourite chef’s mouth-watering recipe, you’ll be able to pluck fresh produce from your farm, just like him! If that doesn’t convince you, its fabulous and well-thought-out options and features will!

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The Ultimate Urban Farm Altifarm is the first product which lets you grow serious amount of fresh produce at home with minimal effort - farm-fresh vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, micro-greens, fruits etc. It takes care of essential aspects of watering, light, space, plant care etc mostly on its own. Altifarm comprises of 4-tiers (with integrated self-watering system) resting on a heavy-duty steel frame. We also have many Expansion Packs for you to "Grow like a Pro’’.

Plenty of space to grow a variety of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.

A unique patent-pending design, takes minimal floor space but provides massive grow area and allows for adequate sunlight and air to plants.

Inbuilt self-watering system stores water for almost a week and takes care of routine watering without any guess work, letting plants decide how much water they need.

The Grow light Pack provides complete autonomy from sun, providing all the necessary light wavelengths for all plant functions with minimal power consumption.

The Mobility Pack lets you move Altifarm within the house for convenience and to gain sun-light access.

Greenhouse Expansion Pack

The Greenhouse Pack empowers you to grow fresh produce around the year, even in extreme weather.

Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables - Altifarm can grow it all!

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*$199 is only applicable for the first 100 Altifarm Solo units, Expansion Packs not included.

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Efficient Yet Attractive Design

How It Works Grow light Expansion Pack Custom designed grow lights with unique wavelength recipe defined for Altifarm’s grow area. Maximum productivity across plant growth stages and between multiple plant varieties. High PAR value from 3W high power chip LEDs with secondary optics, power efficient and long lasting IP65 waterproof rating, extruded aluminum body with excellent heat-dissipation and long life. Greenhouse Expansion Pack

Protect your precious plants in extreme climate Controls temperature and humidity Unique roll-up doors with zipper and velcro closures Soil-less Cultivation on Altifarm

As demonstrated above by our mentor C.V. Prakash from The Petbharo project, it is possible to do soil-less culture on Altifarm directly without any modification. All you need to do is use a sterile medium like coco-peat in place of soil and add nutrients through water via the self watering system. This passive hydroponic system has multi-fold benefits.

quick plant growth and superior productivity minimal possibility of weeds, plant diseases and pests far less total weight Design features

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What’s in the box?

Heavy-duty all-weather powder-coated steel frame Food-grade BPA-free-ABS tiers +HIPS inner trays Self-watering spouts with water level indicator Rubber end caps, over flow plugs and other allied components Warranty documents, assembly manual, safety instructions

Do It Your Way on Altifarm Altifarm is the first system which gives total flexibility

soil/soil-less modes of cultivation grow almost anything (ony limitations being height, depth of roots in some cases) indoor/outdoor usage, in all climates and locations grow from seeds/seedlings/transplants, without need for any subscription autonomy from electricity/water connection, with no moving parts, pump or motor. *Growlight Pack needs electricity connection to work, although power requirement is minimal.

The Altifarm Story, so far…

We are ready! All we need is your support…

Indiegogo Order Fulfillment

Packing and dispatch of North American Orders (June 2017)

Container stuffing at sea port prior to export (July 2017)

Why Homegrown food? Do you know that the loss of nutritive value of certain food items is more than 50%, from farm to fork? Or that food travels for over 1500 miles on an average and has a significant carbon footprint? Also that the crop varieties in commercial farming are prioritized for shelf life and not for taste and nutrition? When you grow your own food, it’s as fresh as it can get. With local produce, your meals are always crisp, juicy and bursting with flavor. There’s only the joy, pride and delightful consumption with no chemicals, pesticides or GMO to worry about.

Why Altifarm? Although most of us has dabbled with growing plants at some point, we gave up when plants die due to incorrect watering or inadequate nutrition. Others are too busy to take care of plants. Those living in apartments might not have adequate space or sunlight, while climate extremities make it difficult for those in colder regions.

Altifarm was designed to take these challenges head-on. Its unique patent-pending design, takes minimal floor space but provides massive grow area and adequate sunlight and air. Inbuilt self-watering system stores water for almost a week and takes care of routine watering without any guess work, letting plants decide how much water they need.

Altifarm blends into your home and grows fresh produce, without getting you tied down to intricacies of plant care. Altifarm does not involve in-line electricity/water connection, apps or any subscription.

*growlight pack needs power connection to work.

Why Expansion Packs? Our Expansion packs lets you make the most of Altifarm.

The Grow light pack provides complete autonomy from sun, providing all the necessary light wavelengths for all plant functions with minimal power consumption.

The Mobility pack lets you move Altifarm within the house for convenience and to gain sun-light access.

The Greenhouse pack allows for year-round cultivation with protection from weather extremities for outdoor use in colder regions.

visit our website to learn more about expansion packs.

Our Team

Risks and Challenges We produce most of Altifarm inhouse or in close vicinity, barring grow lights. All our production tooling, assembly line and fixtures are ready. As we move into flow production from small batch production, we do anticipate minor difficulties. However, if we hit any major roadblocks or delays in production, we would ensure transparent communication. Likewise, we had done full container shipping(FCL) to Europe in the past and necessary paper work has been sorted out. If we face delays while shipping to newer regions, the same would be duly communicated to backers.

Final Word Enverde is a spin-off of Primusdesign, a boutique Product Design studio, with a string of successful projects across multiple domains. All the past learning from our hundreds of projects of varying magnitudes, along with blessings of our mentors and support of our partners, have helped us pull this project over the last 3 years - from a hobby to an enterprise. In our quest for perfection, we had wiped the slate clean more than once and we believe we gave it our best shot. If you have suggestions or complaints, please write to


  1. Does it come with seeds and soil?

Altifarm is a product which simplifies gardening and make it easy for anyone to grow produce at home. The idea is to give you the flexibility to decide what kind of plants you want as per your wish and regional climate. That’s why, we do not provide seeds and soil.

  1. If the goal is not met, will I still get my Altifarm?

We will process all orders and deliver them regardless of the meeting of the goal. We are already in batch production and higher number of pledges help us scale our production and go to market sooner.

  1. Is there a warranty?

Altifarm comes with one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

  1. You seem to be in a good shape, why are you doing a crowdfunding campaign?

Our aim is to start an urban farming movement. To motivate people around the world to eat and live healthy in an easy and fuss-free manner. By gaining initial pre-orders and backers’ support through Indiegogo, we wish to the validate the thought behind Altifarm, which will help us take the product to retail distribution on a larger scale.

As a backer, you could help us improve the product with realtime user feedback across regions/conditions. We are keen to develop more expansion packs if needed and make Altifarm a comprehensive product platform. As a self-funded start-up, we are appreciative of all the support and funding we can get.

  1. What are the payment options available?

Indiegogo accepts payment through Credit Cards.

  1. This looks big and my apartment is not! Will it fit?

Although it has a massive cultivable area, the footprint of Altifarm is comparable to an office chair. Turn an unused corner into a home-farm or a green space and reap the benefits.

  1. What growing medium can we use with Altifarm?

Use good ole’ garden soil. You may enrich it with home-made compost with food scraps from kitchen. Or go completely soil-less with coco-peat medium, along with added nutrients. Write to us to know more on this or follow our blog for more info.

  1. How much weight can the frame withstand? What happens if the frame is exposed to moisture and water?

Altifarm’s sturdy steel frame poweder-coated to avoid corrosion. We have tested it for up to twice the maximum loaded weight of soil and water.

  1. I’m going to use it outdoors, will the colors fade?

All the tiers are made in durable ABS thermoplastic and UV-treated for sunlight protection. However, we have learned that after extensive use over the years, they tend to gradually fade in color without any loss in strength. We recommend choosing white color if you have excessive sunlight in your region and if color fading is a concern.

  1. Is the product safe to grow edibles?

The grow tiers and inner trays are made of BPA-free food-grade ABS and HIPS respectively, making it completely safe for growing edibles. They are also completely recyclable.

  1. How often do I have to water the plants?

The watering spout has a level indicator, which lets you know when reservoir is low.This varies from plant to plant, also depends on weather, humidity, growing medium and other variables. While testing outdoors in good sunlight near 35 °C, we typically get a 5-7 day watering cycle and get 7-9 days cycle while testing indoors.

  1. What if I pour more water than required or use it in the rain ?

The tiers have built in overflow nozzle through which the excess water is drained to the next lower one. The lower most tier is elevated from the floor by a few inches making it easy to mop or vacuum.

  1. Is this Hydroponics- with pump and motor etc.?

Technically, Altifarm employs passive hydroponics. There is no pump, motor or electric connection involved in watering here. It happens solely through capillary action of growing medium.

  1. Do you have an app?

No, we hate apps!

  1. How do I set-up my Altifarm?

It takes 10-15 minutes for setting up, once wraps are taken off - no screwdrivers, spanner or other tools needed! An assembly manual is included and will be available for download on the website. You could always to write to us in case of any difficulties.

  1. Does Altifarm provide gardening assistance?

Yes, we provides tips and advice via our blog and through our influencer partners.

  1. What can I grow with Altifarm?

You can grow majority of vegetables and herbs with Altifarm - brocolli, eggplant, cabbage, kale, lettuce, basil, oregano, chives, pak choi, aloe, mint, peppers, tomatoes, radish, strawberry, etc.

  1. How much quantity can I grow with Altifarm?

Produce cannot be quantified as it is subjected to the type, care, weather conditions, etc. However, with a grow area of over 1m2, Altifarm has space to grow dozens of plants at once. We usually have more than 50 plants on ours.

  1. How easy is to move around?

With the help of our Mobility Expansion Pack you can move a fully loaded Altifarm with just a push. It also has an ingenious locking mechanism to arrest movement when it shouldn’t be.

  1. Tell me about your growlights?

We have developed custom grow lights with our OEM partner who has decades of experience in the industry. The wavelength recipe, PAR, LUX, wattage and other parameters have been finalized after extensive trials to provide all the right wavelengths for each stage of plant growth - germination, tissue development, photosynthesis, flowering etc. It is highly power efficient, has secondary lens/optics, superior heat dissipation for a very long life, is IP65 rated for water protection, has daisy chain connections and comes with an automated on-off timer for everyday use. Jargons aside, it’s a mini sun to take care of your precious plants, for total indoor use.