American Express Green Card

American Express Green Card

Do you know? If you are an US. citizen, or some country that American Express Company doing business with, there are many way for you to get an Amex card.

But, Bakadono living in Vietnam. And really hard to get an original Amex card from the American Express Company. or maybe have the same look like the original one, i’m talking about the way of the card looking.

And there are only way to get an Amex card in Vietnam, though the Vietcombank local bank in Vietnam. But they have an different design with the original one at US.

So, if you are choice the American Express Green Card easily in the US., us is hardly to get the same card, we will get the same card, but it is for Company use. it’s calling in Vietnam is American Express Corporation Green Card.

Original Source American Express

  • Here is what look like in the US. Amex card by this link
  • And here you could seen the Card look like in Vietnam by this way THẺ TÍN DỤNG VIETCOMBANK AMERICAN EXPRESS ® CORPORATE.