Cauldryn The Future of Water Bottles...BOIL

Cauldryn The Future of Water Bottles...BOIL

Boil water from a battery and actively keep hot beverages at your desired temperature all day.

Meet Cauldryn, the future of water bottles. Cauldryn can boil water from a battery! That is a full 16 oz of water to a full 212 degrees multiple times from one charge of the removable, rechargeable battery. Cauldryn can also keep your favorite hot beverage your chosen temperature all day long. It allows your beverage to cool to your temperature and then uses the Fyre heating element to keep it there. In addition to Boil, you can choose from two Hot settings, Extra Hot, and even Brew.

The price, the product, shipping, payment, and more

  • Price range from $50 to $750

Boil water from a battery or actively keep hot beverages at your desired drinking temperature all day wherever you go. Below is a time lapse video covering 18 minutes and showing Cauldryn turning crushed ice into boiling water!

What is the Cauldryn?

The Cauldryn is the first portable travel mug of its kind. Utilizing the revolutionary Fyre heating element, the bottle has limitless applications with five different heat settings, which can keep its contents at a specific temperature all day long.

No longer do you need an outlet or, in remote locations, fire, to boil water.

The Cauldryn allows users to boil water, even ice cold water. Cauldryn’s five different heat settings make it versatile enough to make soup, tea or coffee as well as sterilize water. It can even let your favorite hot beverage cool to your favorite drinking temperature and actively keep it there all day long.

Cauldryn is a very versatile bottle. Its vacuum insulation can keep cold drinks cold in addition to its great heating abilities.

Who Can Benefit from a Cauldryn Bottle?

• Campers and outdoor enthusiasts—to heat liquids, sterilize water and cook without access to electricity or needing to build a fire

• Commuters—the different heat settings allow the user to be able to keep liquids at their desired drinking temperature all day, meaning that commuters’ coffee will stay at the perfect temperature for their morning drive and once they are at the office.

• Emergency—the ability to heat and sanitize water or cook during emergency situations when you otherwise might not have access to clean water or the ability to cook • Anyone trying to navigate Mother Nature or the urban jungle!

Features and Benefits

• 5 heat settings: Hot (125-135 or 135-145 degrees), Extra Hot (160-170 degrees), Brew (195-205 degrees), Boil (212 degrees)

• Modular Design—16 oz. stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle and lid, Fyre heating element, battery (on mobile model) & AC charging base

• AC base that plugs into the wall and allows you to use all of the features of Cauldryn without having to use a battery. Unlimited boiling! Cauldryn is designed to easily lift off of its AC base so you don’t have to worry about dragging an annoying wire all over the place.

• Blue LED lights show battery level and and color coded yellow and red lights show operation mode.

• Simple two button user interface makes for sleek, intuitive operation



Heating Element

The Fyre heating element coupled with Cauldryn’s battery is a potent combination. It simply twists on to the bottom of the Cauldryn and can boil 16 oz. of water or last all day in Hot mode.



Whether you need to boil water in a life threatening emergency situation, or just keep your favorite hot beverage at the ideal temperature all day, Mobile has the juice to cover you. It even has USB charging ports for your mobile devices.


Cauldryn Fyre - Cauldryn bottle and Fyre heating element. This unit has no battery, but can use all of Cauldryn’s great features from the AC base.

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile - Cauldryn bottle, Fyre heating element, and Mobile battery. This model lets you use all of Cauldryn’s features from battery power alone. It also has the AC base for use when you are not on the go.


Safe drinking water is key to survival. Boiling is the best way to make water safe. You can’t always get a fire, but if you can get a boil you can greatly increase your chances of survival. – Mykel Hawke (Host of Man Woman Wild and One Man Army, former Green Beret, and survival expert)

Why We are here

The Cauldryn team is a group of experienced outdoor industry professionals that have years of experience bringing products to life. Cauldryn represents us stepping out on our own. We know how to get a product produced and into consumer’s hands, but it takes capital to start up production and to finance product in the beginning. We have the brain capital, and need your help with the financial capital. All of our prototyping you see here is fully functional, and final tooling for the product is already being produced. However, we still need to be able to pay for our first run of production. We are far enough along in the development process that I can guarantee that if this project is successfully funded you will get your rewards. In fact, we have completed all of the design work, and pre-production prototyping. We have one more round of prototypes to be produced. These will be produced on the the final production tooling (currently being built). As soon as we verify that the production samples meet our quality standards, we will launch into full production. That production will start in July. Please help us bring this awesome product across the finish line.