Cirrus Shower Revolutionary Uses 75 percent Less

Cirrus Shower Revolutionary Uses 75 percent Less

innovation in the way you shower; luxurious experience and superior cleansing with 75% less water.

What is the Price

  • €1888 EUR + Shipping for The Cirrus Hotel Pack – 20pcs.
  • €495 EUR + Shipping for The Cirrus Family Pack 5 Sets.
  • €296 EUR + Shipping for The Cirrus Set – 3 Pack.
  • €178 EUR + Shipping for The Cirrus Set – 2 Pack.
  • €79 EUR + Shipping for The CloudMaker Shower Head.
  • €39 EUR + Shipping for The Core.
  • €99 EUR + Shipping for The Cirrus Set.

What they say about their product

Day in, day out, your shower never changes. It gets the job done, and you’ve never given it a second thought. But what if it could evolve? What if your shower became an elevated experience that cleansed you faster, more efficiently and with cleaner water?

Don’t stop there – let’s say it also used 75% less water.

This is Cirrus, an innovative new shower system that introduces water-atomizing CloudMaker technology to bring you luxurious sensations, water savings, 13x more thermal efficiency and 10x more surface area coverage.

By turning your shower into a pressurized mist, Cirrus envelops your entire body in a cocoon of warmth. With a deluge of atomized water increasing surface area coverage 10-fold, every inch of your hair and skin is cleansed faster and more efficiently – while using drastically less water than a standard showerhead.

For the average household this 75% water reduction translates to over 15,000 Gallons of water saved per year. Not only does this mean that Cirrus pays for itself in less than 2 years – but the reduction of a Cirrus household’s environmental impact on water reserves is massive.

To push this industry innovation further, we built easily replaceable NanoFIlters into the Cirrus Core. These filters contain 3 layers of mineralized stones to filter impurities, reduce chlorine, and balance pH levels for a truly pure shower experience.

For complete invigoration, relaxation and well-being, choose from our aromatherapy NanoFilter blends infused with organic essential oils.

The best part? Cirrus is universal to any bathroom. Installation takes seconds – no tools, no complex directions, no hassle.

Cirrus is here to revolutionize your shower.

Be embraced by the misty deluge of Cirrus CloudMaker technology the moment you enter your shower. Every inch of skin is engulfed by water, warming tired achy muscles and drenching hair in seconds.

When shower time becomes an all-new hydrotherapeutic experience, you won’t want to leave. And with such incredible water efficiency, you don’t have to. Cirrus takes away the guilt (and cost) of long, steamy showers by reducing water consumption by a massive 75%.

A Cirrus shower will invigorate your mind, freshen your body and sharpen your senses to tackle the day head. And at nighttime, it will soothingly warm and relax every muscle in your body for a sleep that’s deep and healing

Take a look at the difference between Cirrus and a typical showerhead…

The nozzle of a standard showerhead shoots a jet stream of water – the majority of which is wasted down the drain. With Cirrus, water is pushed through the CloudMaker nozzle, which disperses every particle into a fine, pressurized mist.

With this dispersion, every droplet of water is fully optimized. The result? A showerhead that covers 10x more surface area while being 13x more thermally efficient than the standard model.

Just as important as water usage, there’s another factor that goes into the high cost of your shower: Heat. In a standard shower, only a mere 3% of the thermal energy used to heat your water is actually transferred to your body and the surrounding air. Where does the rest of that 97% go? Straight down the drain (along with your money).

With Cirrus, the water is dispersed into millions of tiny droplets rather than a single stream. With a larger amount of individual droplets yielding a larger water surface area, more heat is efficiently transferred to the air as the droplets fall.

This means that Cirrus transfers 13 times more thermal energy from your warm water to both you and the air around you, decreasing the amount of heat required to shower.

The water dispersion and thermal efficiency of the Cirrus showerhead saves you money on your water bill and your heating bill.

Foamy shampoo and body lather doesn’t stand a chance. Defying all expectations, Cirrus is capable of rinsing soapy hair and skin more efficiently than a regular showerhead. Despite using 75% less water, the fully optimized mist covers every inch of your body, permeates every strand of hair and flushes away soap with ease.

The ultimate shower experience wouldn’t be complete without pure, filtered water. Since Cirrus is all about revolutionizing the way you shower, it was obvious that we needed a new, innovative filtration system.

The Cirrus water-purifying NanoFilters contain 3 layers of mineralized stones that work to transform your tap water.

• Tourmaline stones balance pH levels

• Far-Infrared stones filter water impurities such as chlorine, dirt and bacteria

• Germanium stones give a natural spring water effect for softer, cleaner, more hydrated skin

Unwanted particles in your tap water may be the culprit for dry skin and damaged hair. As water flows through the fine pores of the mineralized stones, these large excess particles are filtered out. This simple yet effective method of filtration mimics the process of nature and fresh free-flowing springs, leaving your shower water pure. The result? Softer, cleaner skin and a longer lifetime for your showerhead.

Our NanoFilter pods are simple and easy to replace. You’ll know exactly when their time is up thanks to an indicator located directly on the cartridge, which shows it’s remaining lifetime. On average, each NanoFilter will last between 2 to 3 months based on a household of 4.

The Cirrus Core and NanoFilters are designed to function separately from the Cirrus showerhead. This means you can use the Core in conjunction with any standard showerhead in your home for a cleaner, more pure shower.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use the Core for water filtration or aromatherapy but still want the luxurious experience and water savings of Cirrus, you can opt to use the Cirrus showerhead on its own.

Essential oils gleaned from various plants have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world to relieve everything from headache to depression. Now, you can bring the curative properties of aromatherapy into your shower.

It’s like having a spa in your own home. Not only does the Cirrus core contain water-purifying NanoFilters – it can also house one of our curated essential oil blends to invigorate your mind and body.

Equipped with the same water-filtering technology as their non-aromatic cousins, water flows through the purifying stones and disperses the scent of therapeutic oils throughout your shower. These organic essential oils are colorless and soap-free, meaning they won’t color your water or perfume your body. Each single-use aromatherapy cartridge lasts for approximately 8 minutes of blissful showertime.

Step into a warm cocoon of water and let the aromatic mist envelop you. Do you desire a sharp, exciting blend that energizes you and focuses your mind for the day ahead? Or a relaxing mixture of calming scents and muscle-soothing oils for a deep and luxurious sleep?

Choose from our range of 6 essential oil infusers, expertly blended by aromatherapists of France.

• Calming (Lavender and Bergamot): Stress relief, healing, relaxation, pain relief, sleep aid

• Desire (Orange and Cinnamon): Energy boost, immune system, digestion

• Forest (Lime and Cedar): Stress relief, cold symptom relief, relaxation

• Sunshine (Lime and Mint): Focus, energy boost, invigoration, immune system

• PureShape (Lavender and Geranium): Relaxation, mood stabilization, stress relief, sleep aid

• Passion (Geranium and Red Fruits): Relaxation, mood stabilization, immune system

Cirrus will revolutionize the way you shower – and look good doing it, too.

Beautiful French design combines functionality with sleek, modern curves that illicit a futuristic feeling. The crisp white bottom and shining chrome top made of quality polycarbonate will add a high-concept aesthetic to any bathroom.

Installation couldn’t be easier, either.

Fixed by magnets, the showerhead support latches on to any shower wall in seconds and the ergonomic wand slides in effortlessly. When not in use, the wand fixes to the wall support at a 45-degree angle, magnetically held in place.

Cirrus was designed with the user in mind. Installation is universal, adaptable to any bathroom without the need for renovations or design changes. Setup is tool-free, straightforward and foolproof.

Our vision for the future is a world where technology brings forth new innovations that not only increase the quality of life for everyday people, but also create sustainable tomorrows for their children.

By creating a shower system that cuts down on thousands of gallons of water consumed by American households every year – while giving them an experience of elevated luxury – we hope to do our small part in this mission.

So who are we? We’re production and delivery experts, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our team is no stranger to the successful management of production and distribution. We orchestrate the complex logistics of the manufacturing world for breakfast. Part of our team is strategically located in Hong Kong in order to closely monitor the product development process and supervise quality control.

The idea for the Cirrus shower system was first conceptualized in 2011, and since then, founder Pierre Regnault has been working diligently to turn this vision into a reality. Years of strategic planning, designing, and building (mixed in with some sweat and tears) have all led to this very moment.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank our friends, family, and supporters such as yourself for helping us get to this point.

We couldn’t have done it without you all!

Your feedback, support and advice continue to inspire us everyday to make Cirrus a better product.

Special thanks go out to; Sophie Regnault, Fabien Nauroy, Arnault Brac, Christophe Letelier, Philippe Arnaud, Antoine Markarian, Pierre-Henry Coppéré, and Philippe Deconinck.