daypocket - travel clever

daypocket - travel clever

A book of pockets that takes control of your travel mess. Make the days of fumbling a history.

Despite the technologically advanced society we live in, there are some objects that have yet to be digitised for our travel. daypocket serves to provide a simple way for travellers to manage their travel clutter prior and during the trip.

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  • Price range from $20 to $160

Short Summary

Despite the technologically advanced society we live in, there are some objects that have yet to be digitised for our travel. Either that, or the benefits of carrying them physically greatly outweighs carrying them digitally, since you can never be sure about the accessibility to technology while overseas. Some examples of these objects include: your cash, tickets, brochures, postcards and cards. These items often reduce the quality of our experience as we fumble and tumble to look for them in our bags.

As travellers, we empathise with the frustration with the lack of organisation of the miscellaneous travel essentials - cash, travel tickets, receipts, documents etc. Hence, we decided to formulate a solution for a traveller’s most common problem - the travel clutter. A lot of time and effort has been pumped into the project, and we hope that daypocket will be a product that makes a difference to people who face this particular problem. Also, we hope that daypocket will inspire people to look at the conventional notebook in a new light.


Daypocket is a book of pockets that helps you organize your travel miscellaneous prior and during your trip.


Daypocket has 3 pockets of different sizes, designed to cater to your small travel essentials.


Not only is it easy to slip your travel documents into the pockets, it is also extremely secure. Our pockets are designed around the idea that the strongest point of the book would be nearer to the bind itself; the pockets are also facing inwards. Have a peace of mind for you won’t have to worry about the contents falling out.


Made of paper produced by a company that is certified responsible forestry and promotes sustainable forest management. Simply plan your itinerary and label your pockets directly on them, no extra tabs needed.

Daypocket also encourages creativity - just draw and sketch on them if you see anything interesting along the way, or if you are just bored and want something to doodle on.


Bound by a band, every single page is detacheable, and re-attacheable.


Customise your book according to the length of your trip. 7 days trip? 7 Pages into the book. 14 days trip? 14 pages in. Easy.


Ever feel the discomfort when writing on books that cannot be laid completely flat? Fret not, Daypocket lies completely flat when opened up.

Since every page is detachable, you can even bring the page to the front and use the book cover as a backing to write on.


Water-repellant fabric is used for Daypocket’s cover - just in case your pages of pockets get wet on rainy days.


Just a little bonus, there’s even a slot for you to carry your pen!


Daypocket is the perfect book for you to bring on your travel and a little bigger than A5.


Think daypocket is only suited for travel? Think again. Daypocket is more than just for travel. Use it for your daily/weekly/monthly budgeting, collection of ideas or even planning of events.


Burnt Umber

Ash Grey

Ivory Black


Though a seemingly easy idea, we went through many rounds of considerations. We looked at materials, the binding, users’ needs, and the smallest details.

After countless prototypes, we are proud to present our final design of daypocket to you.

Risks & Challenges Daypocket is the brainchild of a very dedicated team. A lot of time and effort has been pumped into the project, and we cannot be any more excited to share what we have created with you.

The main challenge we dealt with during this journey would be the designing process of the pockets. Every detail is critical, from the size of the pockets, to the orientation of the pockets on each page, to the material. Our goal? To make them the most intuitive for users.

Post funding, we will continue to look into the materials used for daypocket. We are constantly looking for alternative paper to reduce the thickness of daypocket, but we assure you that we will always consider the environmentally friendly factor before making decisions. We promise to keep you updated with our journey and should there be any delay in the delivery, you will definitely be the first to know.

OUR SCHEDULE November 2016: Start of Kickstarter Campaign

December 2016: End of Kickstarter Campaign + Launch of Indiegogo InDemand for Pre-orders

January 2017: Established contact with manufacturers

February 2017: Pre-production run

March 2017: Samples & Design refinement

April 2017: Final optimisation for production

May 2017: Full production run

June 2017: Full production run

July 2017: Packaging & Prepare for shipping

August 2017: Daypocket’s on its way to your doorstep!