Estream A portable water power generator

Estream A portable water power generator

Bring your own power plant : Estream converts moving water into stored energy for your adventure.

Bring your own power plant : Estream is a portable water power generator fits into your backpack. It converts any type of moving water into stored energy to charge every usb-connected mobile devices even while you’re in off-grid. Get your Estream for your next adventure.

Price, shipping, order, and more

  • Price from $200 - to $1800 USD.

Bring your own power plant

Estream is a portable water-power generator that converts any type of moving water, such as that from a river or stream, into stored energy to charge most of today’s usb-connected mobile devices, even while you are off the grid.

How Estream Works As a generator, it produces 2.5W - 7W of energy. As Estream is suspended in water, water flow rotates the turbine. The rotation enables the generator to generate electricity. Estream works well even in a weak current or behind your kayak.

It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge 6,400mAh built-in battery by running water. Once fully charges, the battery can charge up to 3 smartphones, GoPros or even tablet PCs, twice as fast as a regular outlet. It is rechargeable, so as long as you you have access to running water, you can continue to charge your devices - even on the longest adventures.

Why Estream is special?

  1. User Friendly Design

Estream is easy to understand and use. It’s light weight and is designed to fit in any size backpack. It is ideal for anyone who goes camping, backpacking, fishing or kayaking - or anyone who has access to running water.

  1. Modular Design

It also has patented modular design so that its application is extended from back-up battery to lantern, speaker, Wi-Fi router and much more. Opportunity is limitless. Everything is all in one - and is completely customizable.

  1. Backup power from daily life to off-grid

The Estream can also be charged through a regular outlet for your daily back-up power. But don’t forget that this is just the first step to taking personal energy off the grid.

  1. Social Impact

There are many portable batteries out there. Unlike others on the market, Estream is chargeable by water. Not only does it minimize the environmental impact of your energy consumption, but it allows users to take an active role in experiencing how energy is produced and used. We believe that you can be responsible in your energy consumption and still have it available for your current lifestyle and needs. Our product is small but smart enough to cover your back up power.

Why we chose water? We are all aware of the importance of renewable energy for a sustainable future. Fortunately, as portable solar and biomass power generators are becoming more popular, we are increasingly closer to closing the personal power gap on the planet. More reliable than solar and more efficient than wind, water is one of the world’s most powerful renewable energy resources, and it’s all around us.

24-hour stability: As long as you have access to water, even if the current slows, the Estream will provide a stable connection to energy. Can you imagine power as reliable and powerful as what we use at home provided by water beyond the grid?

Energy efficient: water is the most efficient natural energy resource on earth. So even our compact design can produce energy 3 to 20 times faster, with more energy output, than similar products in the market. And no extra fuel resource such as heavy jug of gasoline required to generate. All you need is Estream and current water.

Whether it comes in through the tap or it is collected from a stream, water is present in the daily lives of everyone on the planet. Enomad wishes to expand sustainable energy on a personal level by allowing people to discover and utilize the natural energy resources around them.

As seen on SXSW 2016

“Since it can be recharged in the water, you don’t have to worry about carrying a huge battery pack that you have to charge the night before to use as you walk around. This can take you completely off the grid and rely solely on nature to power any device you may need in the outdoors.”

“Enomad is one of the coolest things I’ve seen at the SXSW tradeshow. It’s very green and energy efficient, and it’s a very useful device for when you’re out and about and not able to get to a power supply.”

“It’s an imaginative and inventive way to live off grid.”

“I love it. I feel like people need more simple ways that they can learn about technology and sustainability and energy in a way that they can touch and feel because technology feels very far away to most people. It’s so accessible.”

“I think it’s really cool. I think being able to harness the power of the currents that are in these outdoor environments and then being able to facilitate a charge through USB connect seems like an amazing innovation.

“I think it’s really exciting. I love the design of it. It’s so encapsulated and really small. I think in general, it feels like it’s relevant for today.”

“It’s really cool. I think for people who do a lot of fishing or boating, it’s a great opportunity to have energy that you create on your own and that you’re able to use. It’s a really, really neat idea.”

About Enomad Enomad is a team of young, professional designers and engineers. We’re living in the mobile world. Accessibility is more than important; it’s ubiquitous. Thanks to rapid technology development, we have affordable mobile devices from developed countries to developing countries, and Internet coverage is ever expanding and becoming more affordable. or Loon project will boost this movement. But still our energy supply rely on traditional, centralized fossil-fuel driven system. We want to find a solution that will provide personal access to energy, as well as foster a new culture.

Enomad was established in May 2014. We launched with a public project to introduce ourselves to the world and test our design that converted running water into stored energy: Smart Charging Station Project August 2014. We installed three pilot prototypes of our portable hydropower generators into one of Seoul’s most popular rivers and let people charge their smartphones by the energy harnessed from water. Local and global media jumped on the story, and it provided great momentum for us to verify the market interest and to explore possible designs. After another year of research and development, we finally have a portable water-powered generator ready to meet you. Find more about us on our website and our SNS.

Risks and challenges

  1. Manufacturing and Developing Partnerships

We are always exploring new manufacturers who are experts in the outdoor industry - partners in research and development who can help us build a product that is more waterproof, more durable and lighter weight.

We are also looking for product partnerships that will allow us to expand our company sustainably, from manufacturing to packaging and accessories.

  1. Retailers & NGO Partners

We are looking for retailers in the US and worldwide to sell our product in the camping and outdoor market, as well as nonprofits to bring our technology to developing companies.

  1. Community

An essential part of our growth is receiving honest feedback from our customers, mentors and others in the outdoor industry. We are looking for not simply customers, but avid fans who will help us improve our company and product.