GreenTraveler Best Travel-Friendly Food Container

GreenTraveler Best Travel-Friendly Food Container

GreenTraveler designs reusable containers and accessories to easily transport food and daily items.

For those who want to carry food and beverages without leaking or spilling, we created the GreenTraveler to be the world’s most travel-friendly, reusable container. Six separate compartments fit together in one liquid-tight unit that is easily portable with a backpack, handbag, strap or belt loop. see more at

The price, the product, shipping, payment, and more

  • Price range from $70 to $3000

At a picnic in the park…

Out in a sunny park for a picnic…

On an adventure in the mountains…

GreenTraveler on a hike …

Or in the office…

… Or to the office

Take your food or leftovers anywhere without leaking or spills. Guaranteed. You’ll never throw away a container again.


We created the GreenTraveler to offer a solution to people who want a convenient, travel-friendly way to take food on-the-go without messes like these:

Ditch the unreliable, leaky and wasteful containers and carry your GreenTraveler everyday, everywhere!

While trying to use other portable containers, we were tired of leaks, spills, having only one compartment leaving our food soggy, inconvenient shapes and sizes that don’t fit in a bag, and throwing away disposable to-go containers that didn’t work very well anyway.

With GreenTraveler as your primary container you may be amazed how many uses it has - keep liquids in, keep rain and water out, store food and beverages, use for first aid or baby supplies, or for any items you need protected.


GreenTraveler is a cylinder with carabiner loops and 6 compartments that won’t leak, spill or break. Modeled from a water bottle which we carry everywhere to avoid disposable plastic bottles.

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For this size and shape, plastic is still the best material. But don’t be afraid of it. It has no BPA or phthalates so it won’t leach chemicals in your food, even in a microwave. The plastic used in the Original GreenTraveler is approved by the food safety foundations for food around the world.

GreenTraveler Specs​

For Who?

Who can use the GreenTraveler? Adventurers, Commuters, Families, Students, and Travelers.

GreenTraveler is not only for adventure travel or active lifestyles. It is for the commuter who goes to a job all day. The student who goes to school. Hobbyist photographers or fishermen. The GreenTraveler is for people who leave the house and want good food wherever they are.

The world has taken notice…

Thanks to all media sources! More are covering this campaign than we can possibly include. These were some of the first to publish.

How does it work?

The Original GreenTraveler may feel like a puzzle the first time, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder why it didn’t exist before.

Assembly and disassembly are super easy!

Just put some food in it and off you go :)

How Much?

The Original GreenTraveler replaces many items you may use every day.

GreenTraveler is worth the price!

Until Mid January, the Original GreenTraveler is being sold at an Indiegogo discount from retail price to reward those early adopters that support us in making this project a reality! See the rewards available to the right.


Custom designed insulated carrying pouch Add-On by Bluewave. Measures 14"x4" with an added pocket for utensil plus what is shown above. $23 includes shipping worldwide.

End caps to hold two center body compartments tightly together to make a smaller liquid-tight GreenTraveler without the need for cups. $8 includes shipping worldwide!

Put them all together in a great value bundle!

What if?

We have a consultant living next to the manufacturing facility who is nearly like a partner, conducting continuous 3rd party quality control. But what if your GT breaks or you don’t like it?


Manufacturer’s defects are covered for a month. Just send picture or video of the defect to us and we will get a replacement part sent to you.

GreenTraveler covers its products under normal use for life. We want you to enjoy our products your whole life and never see them in a landfill. We also offer a recycling program to provide a replacement part with free shipping if you ship the broken part to us (or send a photo of it in the proper recycle bin). See our website for warranty details.

What’s Next?

We have planned for a couple years in the future with logistics, partnerships, financial proformas, and designs of new products we will launch. All we need is the successful launch of this first product with initial funding for injection molding and we can give you much more convenience while traveling.

Connect with us on social media and stay tuned as we have new innovations coming to you!

Then and Now

This project kept calling us to be born! This is our first crowdfunding campaign, but not our first business. As serial entrepreneurs with finance experience, we put all our intelligence, time, and money starting in November 2015 to make GreenTraveler a reality with full force. Here is how far we’ve come: