Homefarm the ultimate in home cultivation

Homefarm the ultimate in home cultivation

homefarm® brings you the freshest & healthiest greens, effortlessly grown, from the comfort of home.

Homefarm’s mission is to inspire and enable urban dwellers across the globe to start growing and consuming their own fresh and healthy produce, to be enjoyed daily and all year round. This crowdfunding campaign, if successful will enable us to start achieving our mission en-route to total and complete commercialisation of Homefarm.

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The price, product, shipping and more

  • Price range from $250 to $650.

Homefarm brings you the freshest greens, effortlessly grown, from the comfort of your home

  • it’s cultivation simplified -

Introducing Homefarm

homefarm® brings you the freshest greens, effortlessly grown, from the comfort of your home. it’s cultivation simplified.

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Selected as a SeedStars World South Africa Finalist - Best Start-up in South Africa.

Our Launch

The Homefarm Lifestyle

The Homefarm lifestyle is about enjoying access to the freshest, most nutritious and delicious produce all year round from the comfort of your home. The convenience of growing crops with Homefarm means that users can begin to effortlessly incorporate the healthiest produce into their daily diet.

What Makes Homefarm Special

There are a number of Hydroponic Appliances which have become available on the global market recently. Homefarm however, offers unrivalled value when it comes to its features, functionality, and all round reliability and ease of use.

Our Touch Panel User Interface shows off the quality of the product, as well as the optionality in terms of Performance and Automation.

The unique design of Homefarm means that it can be placed on or below a countertop, be built into kitchen cabinetry or be stacked up to 3 units high.

Technical & Performance Specifications

3 day time-lapse of Black Mustard Microgreen grown in a Homefarm

4 day time-lapse of Red Amarinth Microgreen grown in a Homefarm

4 day time-lapse of Basil germination in a Homefarm

There are a wide variety of herbs, microgreens and leafy vegetables which Homefarm can grow. Each crop has different yield times; from seed to harvest. Below is a small, but representative, sample of the crops which are suitable for Homefarm and their yield times.

The yield quantities will also differ from crop to crop, but will be sure to satisfy your craving…

The Homefarm Seed-Pod System

We will be selling a Seed Pod 6-pack for $10 or R120 ex shipping through our online store - coming soon. We sell the packs according to themes such as Kitchen Basics and Salad mix.

For Example:

The Kitchen Basics contains: 2x Basil, 2x Coriander (Cilantro) and 2x Parsley.

The Salad Mix contains: 2x Rocket (Arugula), 2x Watercress and 2x Black Mustard.

The Homefarm Seed-Pod Store

Before we ship any of the Homefarm appliances to backers our on-line Homefarm Seed-Pod store will be up and running. Please note* that when it comes to international shipping outside of South Africa, we may not be able to ship seeds, depending on the local laws in your country. In this case we sell Seed-Pod ‘blanks’ and will help you source local seeds which can be manually scattered atop Seed-Pods before inserting into a Homefarm.

The Homefarm App

The Homefarm product experience includes a dedicated app, which is central to the user experience; it connects your smart phone to the product and provides information on the herbs it can grow as well as ideas and recipes for their use.

Coming soon to the app store

Pledge Reward Items

*Please note: All Homefarm Appliances come with a 2 month starter pack of Seed Pods. The Homefarmer Pro comes with an additional 6 months seed-pod supply.

Reward Tier Packages

Please find & select your pledge and rewards from the options at the top right hand side of this page.

Why we are Crowdfunding

A successful crowdfunding campaign will enable us to take a major step forward on our journey towards complete commercialisation of the Homefarm product and will give us the opportunity to get the product into the hands of an exclusive first group of customers.

We need a minimum of $40,000 in funds to complete and safely deliver on a successful campaign. These funds will be going towards further development of the Homefarm App, the optimisation of our design for manufacture, the development of an assembly line for low-to-medium batch manufacturing as well as working capital for the manufacture and delivery of all of the campaign rewards, including the Homefarm Appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Homefarm grow fruits and vegetables?

Homefarm is not designed to grow fruits and vegetables. It should be used to grow leafy greens, herbs and microgreens, as per the available selection of seed-pods. Refer to crop examples above for an example of the types of crops Homefarm can grow.

Why does Homefarm not grow fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables have very long yield times and low harvests per unit area in comparison to herbs and microgreens. This is why Homefarm’s primary use is geared towards leafy greens, herbs and microgreens which can be harvested regularly by the user. Fruit and vegetable plants also require a greater amount of light to bear fruit than what Homefarm has been designed to offer. Note: Homefarm has had limited success with chillies.

How will I get my seedpods after I get my Homefarm?

You will be able to purchase seed-pods through our online store which we will be launching in October this year. If you live outside of South Africa we will only post Homefarm seed pods in minimum quantities of 10 boxes per shipping.

How much will the Seed-Pod boxes cost?

For a box of 6 seed-pods we will be charging approximately 15$ per box or R150 in South Africa.

How much will I be able to harvest with my Homefarm?

If growing 50% microgreens and 50% herbs in a Homefarm you can expect to harvest 1 – 2 portions of microgreens per day and 2-3 handfuls of herbs each week.

How long will it take to pay off my Homefarm from my savings incurred as a result of being able to grow my own herbs and greens?

You could pay off a Homefarm within 18 months.

If I cannot connect it to my water-mains, how often will I need to re-water?

You will need to manually re-fill the water tank every 3 to 4 days. You will be notified on the User Interface as well as through the dedicated Homefarm App.

Will I need to turn the lights on and off manually with the product?

No. The products automatically controls the lighting cycles as well as the other Homefarm systems.

Does Homefarm grow organic produce?

Not yet. We have plans to sell an organic seed-pod range in the future but for now Homefarm uses a non-organic nutrient, much the same as all other non-organic produce bought in stores.

Do Homefarm crops require pesticide?

No. If used correctly, Homefarm creates a closed environment for its crops and therefore crops are protected from bugs infesting them.

Can Homefarm grow Marijuana?

If, in accordance with the laws of your country, you are allowed to grow Marijuana in your own home, and you possess all of the necessary permits, Homefarm can be used to grow Marijuana plants for the first 8-10 weeks of the growth cycle.