Jenni - Smart Solar for the Future

Jenni - Smart Solar for the Future

Charge your devices with intelligent, green energy. USB/USB-C, Qi wireless charging + app connected

Solar-powered living in the city is a challenge, especially for people in condos. Jenni generates energy during the day, so you can charge your technology as usual. Connect to a growing, responsible community. Start your renewable journey today!

 USB  USB-C  Qi wireless
 charging docks  app-connected

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Meet Jenni

Jenni was created to help people in cities choose clean energy and do their part for the environment. When you live in an apartment or condo, it can be hard to make changes that are easy to implement, measurable, and good for the planet. This is especially true when it comes to renewable energy. That’s where Jenni comes in.

“I use the latest USB-C charging protocol to power your MacBook Pro.”

Who is Jenni? Combining smart, connected technology, solar photovoltaics and energy storage, Jenni allows you to intelligently harness the sun. Charge all your tech devices using clean energy, all without changing your habits.

“I communicate securely via WiFi with the cloud to interact with the community.”

How does Jenni work? Jenni works subtly. Naturally, she charges during the day when the sun is out. While she charges you can plug in your phones and laptop and let them charge from Jenni rather than the grid.

We built Jenni to be intelligent. She anticipates charging needs assessing weather and charging patterns to make appropriate re-charging decisions to make sure you always have power. Jenni takes advantage of the sun and off-peak times to ensure you pull the most environmental and economical energy available.

With the charging HUB on a nearby counter or near a window, plug-in the SOLAR+ for a combined 25W of potential solar power. SOLAR+, the light weight window panel, suction cups to a nearby window and connects into the HUB via a cable to recharge her 120 Wh battery.

What makes Jenni unique? Connected to your home WiFi, the Jenni app keeps you updated when you’re away from home. Just check in and show your friends how much energy you’re generating, the amount of clean power you have stored, and the difference you’re making compared to the community. She’ll also alert you if there’s ever a power outage at your house. You’ll be notified when she loses connection to the grid in case you need to take action.

A social network for clean energy. Connecting you to other Jenni backers around the globe, watch as the impact of charging your devices add up. Together these actions will contribute to a cleaner, greener energy future. Acting as a gateway to renewable energy, Jenni will support you on your renewable energy journey.

If every household in these cities used Jenni to power their mobile devices, it would be the equivalent to taking the following number of homes off the grid:

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Meet The Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer a referral program for this campaign?

A: Yes, we do. First, buy your Jenni on our Indiegogo campaign. Then, get 4 friends to buy one as well, and you will be reimbursed on one Jenni! Here’s how:

  1. Log into Indiegogo (NOTE: you must be logged in!) and go to the Jenni campaign page.

  2. Click the Twitter or Facebook icons to share the campaign via social media OR, click the “link” icon to copy your own personal link to share by email, messages or any other private communication with your friends.

  3. Your link is personal and can be traced back to YOU. When someone visits the page through your link and contributes to the campaign, Indiegogo’s system will automatically credit you as the referrer.

  1. If four of your friends have bought Jenni through your link, you will get your total pledge amount for one (1) Jenni (including any shipping costs) back from us.

Q: Can I order Jenni even though I do not live in Canada?

A: Yes, we ship Jenni worldwide.

Q: What are the shipping costs for Jenni?

A: Shipping is free within Canada, $25 for the United States and $50 for the rest of the world.

Q: My order number is 0. Should I be worried?

A: No need for concern. Before the campaign ends, the number is “0”. After the campaign ends, every contribution is assigned a proper order ID for shipping of perks.

Q: Are there better locations for Jenni to reside in my house?

A: Yes. Above the equator, a south facing window is optimal, with east/west facing windows providing morning and afternoon sun, respectfully.