MOAR Fat Tire, Folding Frame, Electric Bicycle

MOAR Fat Tire, Folding Frame, Electric Bicycle

Folding frame fat tire ebike with 85 mile range, 1000w motor, 48v battery, full suspension & more.

Finally, there’s an all-in-one electric bike solution that requires zero upgrades: MOAR is a complete folding frame, full-suspension electronic bicycle with 85 mile range, 750w motor, 48v lithium ion battery, water-proof electronics, projection headlights, turn signals, brake lights, aircraft grade aluminum & more. With (3) three eBike models to choose from, we’ve hand-selected the best setups to cater to the weekend warrior, the daily commuter and/or the eBike enthusiast.

The price, the product, shipping, payment, and more

  • Price range from $1199 to $2299

Passed Again! We have passed the EN 14766 mountain bike tests again, with the refined frame. The last hurdle has fallen. Once we lock the schedule of the frame factory, hopefully very soon, we’ll have a better idea of the delivery date.

Thanks for all your patience, understanding and unwavering support! This bike is for you guys, TEAM!

Did You Miss Our Indiegogo Campaign? Due to popular demand, we have added a Pre-Order Shop on the Backerkit Site. Now you can get your bikes along with all the accessories you want. Delivery is scheduled for Aug/Sept.


Our campaign has ended, but no need to worry if you missed out! We’ve got exciting plans in the works for MOAR Bikes. We’re developing a solution that will allow anyone who wants a bike to get one, along with all the accessories they want. Follow us on Facebook, visit our website, and stay tuned to be alerted when MOAR Bikes are available for purchase again!

MOAR FAT TIRE EBIKE The World’s Most Powerful, Full-Suspension Folding Frame Electric Bicycle designed for on or off-road.

An all-in-one solution for the weekend warrior, the daily commuter and/or the eBike enthusiast:

POWER - 30% more torque, power and efficiency than the competition. SAFETY - Waterproof, disc brakes, headlights, turn signals & brake lights. DESIGN - Full suspension, folding frame, fat tires, gears & aircraft aluminum.

Folding frame for compact, easy transport and storage.

Carefully engineered as a solution to the very cheap and very expensive eBikes that are currently on the market:

BARE BONES - Most cheap eBikes are made with low quality components, requiring immediate upgrades with expensive after-market accessories. EXPENSIVE - Most expensive eBikes are loaded with pricey components that the average consumer doesn’t need or won’t notice in day to day life. MOAR created (3) eBike models with carefully selected premium components to fit common uses with no unneeded extras and no upgrades required.

A Powerful, Safe & Intelligently Designed Electric Bicycle.

The full-suspension, fat-tire eBike that offers more power, range, practicality & safety:

Our unique features and approachable price point come together to offer one thing; the ultimate every-day eBike.

“The MOAR eBike is a complete monster — in fact, it’s powerful enough to tow an SUV” - HighSnobiety

​"Aptly designed for both daily commutes and off-road trails" - Design Boom

“For anyone on the hunt for a robust, stylish and truly unparalleled eBike, capable of tackling any terrain and truly as versatile as they come then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with MOAR” - The Coolector

“One wouldn’t expect to see a bike with 26 by 4 inch tires, full suspension, and an aluminum frame fold down neatly into an easy to stow size” - HiConsumption

​​"Given the low crowdfunding price, I love the fun extras and mid-level components used here compared with some other projects like the Sondors" - Electric Bike Review

​​"The Moar Folding Electric Bike isn’t your average battery-assisted cycle." - Uncrate

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MOAR is engineered with 30% more power and range than the competition, adding high torque for effortless sprints uphill.

The Ultimate MOAR Bike MOAR has partnered with 8Fun, one of the world’s top eBike motor manufacturers, to bring you a revolution in eBike power – the Rapt II

Our ultimate model features a completely new, never-before offered 1000W mid-drive motor. This motor boasts higher efficiency than our previous 750W offering, at over 80%. It is quieter, at <55DB, and .3kg lighter. It boasts cutting edge torque sensing, and is IP65 dust, splash, and rainproof.

Top Speed is normally limited to 20MPH to comply with legal regulations, but when you’re riding in unregulated areas such as off-road trails, you can unlock the full, 30MPH top speed with a few button presses on your LCD screen!

Get your Rapt II now!

MOAR is powered by either a 500w rear-hub or a 750w mid-drive motor.

Our motors are not just designed for 10-15 seconds of “peak power”, meaning you can ride all day at 750w without burning up the motor. We estimate peak power for the mid-drive motor would roughly be in the 1,000-1,200w range.

750W Mid-Drive Electric Bike Motor Our silent 750w rated mid-drive motor drives the chain directly through its Shimano 9 speed gears, giving riders more precision control over their riding.

Available on the “Rapt” model for $1,999​

At 118ft-lb (160NM) of max torque, our 750w mid-drive motor can tow a SUV from a standstill and has more than enough power to conquer even the steepest hills.

500w Rear Hub Electric Bike Motor Our silent 500w rated 8Fun rear hub geared motor easily tackles steep hills with 44ft-lb (60NM) of max torque and comes in either a 7 or 8 speed gear setup.

Available on the “Sun & Fun” model for $999 and “24/7” model for $1,199

Top speed is capped at 20 mph to comply with regulations; however, press a few buttons on the LCD screen to unlock max speeds of 28 mph (mid-drive motor) and 25 mph (rear-hub motor) for off-road riding only.

9 Mosfet Motor Controller Most electric bikes use a 6 Mosfet, with MOAR eBike we’ve opted to use a minimum of 9 Mosfet (higher the better) in our motor controllers.

The motor controller and level of Mosfet ensure a smooth and responsive delivery of maximum electrical power to our 500w and 700w motors. This ensures you get the maximum torque and power that these 8FUN premium rated motors can handle and exactly at the moment you want it.

All electronics are powered by one 48V battery with either 10, 13 or 17AH.

All batteries on MOAR Electric Bikes are made using premium 48V Samsung Li-Ion batteries (same as Tesla uses) which provides faster and more efficient power delivery with 30% more range than the standard 36V cells used by other eBikes.

48V Electric Bike Battery Range Estimated range for a 176lb (80kg) rider cruising on flat ground at 15 mph on a MOAR eBike for each battery option:

10AH = 30 miles electric only, 50 miles level one pedal assist. 13AH = 40 miles electric only, 65 miles level one pedal assist. 17AH = 50 miles electric only, 85 miles level one pedal assist.

One Concealed, Removable Battery Not only does the rear rack add functionality, it conceals the removable battery.

The 48V battery is housed in an IP65 splash-proof aluminum casing allowing it to easily slide in/out to charge away from your MOAR eBike.

With only one battery powering everything from the motor to electronics packages, there’s no forgetting to charge your headlights and no extra wires or mounts.

Each MOAR eBike comes complete with 7, 8, or 9 speed gears made by Shimano.

Our premium “Rapt” model ebike with the 750w mid-drive comes with the 9 speed Shimano gear system, the “24/7” 500w rear-hub motor model comes with 8 speeds, and the “Sun & Fun” is equipped with a 7 speed.

With our premium gear systems you’ll get more control over your ride while increasing efficiency.

Most ebikes use “speed sensors” to calibrate PAS as you pedal, we opted to use “torque sensors” for more precise control.

With a Pedal Assistance System you set a power level for and the electric bike motors will provide assistance in proportion to your pedaling, assisting you to maintain speed.

With our Pedal Assistance System you can tailor trim your riding style with the tap of a button on the control panel located on your handle bars.

Pedal Assistance Handlebar LCD Screen MOAR ebike has 5 levels of assistance within the PAS, ranging from economy mode to sporty mode which is controlled by the conveneient LCD control panel.

The Pedal Assist System will allow you to:

Exercise - Get a workout by setting PAS to off or low assistance like on a traditional bike. Range - Easily double your distance covered by using PAS and eliminate range anxiety. Terrain - Tackle tough hills or mountains by increasing the PAS to full or all-electric power.

Torque Sensor vs. Speed Sensor A premium electric bike uses a torque sensor instead of a speed sensor for PAS allowing it to measure how hard you are pushing on the pedals.

The torque sensors measures the pressure on the crank to deliver the precise amount of assistance to you when you need it. For example, if you are riding on a trail and need to climb a steep slope, the MOAR PAS knows you are pedaling harder and provides more power based on your selection of our 5 levels of PAS.

The torque sensor is available on the “Rapt” and “24/7” models while a cadence sensor is used on the “Sun & Fun” model.


Riding is fun but safety is paramount, so we equipped MOAR with premium electronics and a few extras to keep the fun going.

MOAR motors have the power to go fast so we knew we had to provide the power to stop you even faster and opted for the stopping power of Tektro disc brakes.

MOAR electric bikes come equipped with either hydraulic assisted (premium) or mechanical 160mm rotor disc brakes (standard) made by Tektro USA that allow you to stop on a dime, all while triggering the automatic motor cutoff and rear brake light.

Tektro hydraulic assisted disk brakes are available on the “Rapt” and “24/7” models while the mechanical are standard on the “Sun & Fun” model.

One battery to power them all: motor, lights, horn & USB port.

Unlike most eBikes with aftermarket electronics, all MOAR safety components are centralized to the rear rack battery that powers the motor, so you’ll never be put at a risk by running out of battery on a safety component while riding.

1,000 Lumen Projection Headlights MOAR’s dual LED projection headlights were designed to be bright while not blinding oncoming traffic at night.

These powerful Cree T6 dual LED projection headlights each shine a path of light of 1,000 lumens for up to 30 feet in front of you and each is rated at 30,000 hours of service life.

With the Angel Eye glow ring (like on newer Audi’s or BMW’s) you’ll get a soft glow on the road directly in front of you while also illuminating the road ahead.

Brake Lights, Turn Signals & Horn We’ve added extra safety features even though they’re not required by law.

The brakes light glows automatically whenever the disc brakes are applied, with the turn signals and horn activated via handlebar.​


MOAR is created with you in mind, designing it to be practical, compact, versatile, comfortable, all-terrain & easy on the eyes.

Easily fold the MOAR eBike to half its size for storage and transport with one flip of the safety catch and a pull a latch.

For added equipment safety, MOAR is the only electric bike on the market with a right-handed fold, allowing the front wheel to form a protective cage around the rear derailleur during transport.

Look closely at the photo above with MOAR in the car trunk and you’ll note the folding pedals that allow even easier transport. To further compact MOAR, simply pull on the quick release to easily remove the front wheel.

MOAR is the only folding, full suspension, fat-tire eBike on the market.

ALL MOAR ebikes are equipped with both REAR and front suspensions, which are only available on super premium bikes and for good reason: you have to design and build your own suspension.

Full suspension not only complements the fat tire by improving the ride and handling, we consider it a must for a bike that will routinely travel around 20mph because of:

Body & Bike Fatigue - Full suspension reduces the wear and tear on your body and the bike itself by softening jolts and reducing fatigue on your hands, legs, joints and rear, even if you bike standing up.

Ride Comfort - It’s fairly obvious but full suspension makes for a more enjoyable ride at higher speeds. Don’t believe us? Take a spin on one without full-suspension and you’ll see what we mean.

Ride Handling - Rear suspension helps tremendously with traction on the ground and lets you keep control of your bike at higher speed.

Our own patented designed rack is one of the features that turns MOAR into a pragmatic daily commuter and errand runner.

A unique sturdy rack that is part of the bike frame, independent from the rear suspension and is welded to the frame as part of the design language of the bike, creating a strong statement and extending the exciting lines of the frame.

It also conveniently allows you to carry saddle bags for computers, briefcase, groceries and other things. Handily, the rear rack houses and hides our removable lithium battery.

All MOAR frames are heat treated 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, making them rugged, lightweight and rust free.

By design, the standover height is 30.5 inches, the seat height is engineered to be 33" high at it’s lowest setting and it’s adjustable, so it fits riders from 5’2" to 6’4" with the aluminum frame rated for a 220lb rider.

Moar bikes weigh around 60lb without the battery. Each battery adds:

10AH battery: 9 lb 13AH battery: 9.5lb 17AH battery: 11 lb

The overall dimensions are as follows:


End to end: 75in Wheelbase (hub to hub) : 47in Handle bar Height: 42.5in Handle bar width: 25in Handle bar to seat post: 24in Lowest seat height: 35in


Height (front wheel on): 38in Length: 46in Width (front wheel on): 20in Width (front wheel off): 16in

An ebike traditionally has a lot of wires, so where are MOAR’s?

MOAR designed the electrical systems so all wires are housed internally within the frame for safety, waterproofing and overall appeal.

Further, exposed electrical wires are wrapped in a protective sheath for added protection.

All MOAR bikes are equipped w backlit-LCD control panels convienently located on the handle bar.

The display provides the following information: battery level indicator, power consumption meter, speedometer, odometer and allows for PAS (Pedal Assistance System) control.

As a bonus, you’ll never have a low smartphone battery…

We’ve added a USB Port to keep you charged throughout your ride.

THREE MOAR EBIKE MODELS An all-in-one solution for the weekend warrior, the daily commuter and/or the eBike enthusiast:

Get the “Sun & Fun” model for $999 - Get the “24/7” model for $1,199 -
Get the “Rapt” model for $1,999 -

Weekend Outings

MOAR is the perfect fit for a relaxing day cruising along the boardwalk, or a thrash through snowy mountain trails. It is rugged, durable, guarantees a smooth ride, and most of all, it’s fun!

Distance Biking and Exercise

Thanks to MOAR’s five levels of PAS, you can get more out of every workout. You can even go the distance, with up to 85 miles of range using PAS!

Commuting to Work

MOAR is perfect for the morning commute. Use the motor to glide up hills, the signals to stay safe in traffic, and the rear rack to avoid a sweaty back from carrying your bag.

Daily Errands

Add saddle bags or a pannier bag to the unibody rack, and MOAR becomes the ideal errand-runner, great for short trips to the store or long jaunts across town.

Our Fenders are custom designed to match the lines of your MOAR bike, and protect it from splashing water, gravel, dirt, and other harsh elements. They’re available for a limited time for 50% off the retail price!

Top Speed (electric power, no pedaling): Sun& Fun - 25mph 24/7 – 25mph Rapt – 28mph All models electronically limited to 20mph

Range: Sun&Fun - 30 miles on a single charge under normal conditions, up to 50 miles with pedaling 24/7 - 40 miles on a single charge under normal conditions, up to 65 miles with pedaling. Rapt - 50 miles on a single charge under normal conditions, up to 85 miles with pedaling.

Weight: 60lbs + Sun&Fun 10AH battery – 9lb 24/7 13AH battery – 9.5lb Rapt 17AH battery – 11lb

Chassis and Suspension Frame 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. T6 heat treatment on all welds and joints All water-proof wiring routed in frame Water bottle mounting points Frame folds in half with easy and secure folding mechanism Foldable alum-alloy pedals

Suspension Built in Rear Suspension Custom front fork

Wheel Rims 26"X3.15"mm double wall alum-alloy rim Removable front wheel with quick release

Tires Kenda 26"X4" Fat Tire

Rear Rack Unibody Rack, part of the frame, also serves as invisible battery mount with IP65 splash proof connectors

Drive Train Motor Sun&Fun + 24/7 - Silent 500w rated 8Fun Rear Hub Geared motor, max torque 44ft-lb (60NM) Rapt - Silent 750w rated 8Fun Mid-Drive motor, max torque 118ft-lb (160NM)

Battery Sun&Fun - 48V-10AH Samsung Li-ion battery. 500WH of power per charge. Recharges in 5-6 hours (or 2-3 hours with optional quick charger) 24/7 - 48V-13AH Samsung Li-ion battery. Over 620WH of power in a single charge. Recharges in 6-8 hours (or 3-4 hours with optional quick charger) Rapt - 48V-16AH Samsung Li-ion battery. > 815WH of power in a single charge. Recharges in 6-8 hours (or 3-4 hours with optional quick charger) All Batteries: Easy one hand removal and slide in Powers ALL electrical systems including horn, LED tail light, turn signals, and brake light 2A charger LED charge indicator

PAS (Pedal Assistance System) 5 levels of PAS from economy to sport, from push-button on handle bar Motor assist monitor by Cadence sensor

Thumb Throttle for motor Half twist on right handle bar

Crank Ring 42T

Rear Derailleur Sun&Fun - Shimano 7 speed 24/7 and Rapt – Shimano 9 speed

Brakes Sun&Fun - Tektro mechanical disc brake, 160mm rotor. With motor power cut off and brake light 24/7 - Tektro hydraulic disc brake, 160mm rotor. With motor power cut off and brake light Rapt - Tektro hydraulic disc brake, 180mm rotor. With motor power cut off and brake light

Display Backlit Digital display Battery level indicator, power consumption meter, speed and odometer.

Safety Features

Sun& Fun: Loud horn LED tail light, turn signals and brake light

For 24/7 + Rapt add: Headlights DUAL LED Projection Headlights (>1,000 lumen each) with Angel Eyes driving light

The MOAR Bike is our answer to what an eBike should be. Not just a bicycle with a motor slapped on, but in a category by itself, somewhere between a bike and a scooter or motorcycle.

We started as eBike enthusiasts trying to create a bike that we wanted to ride. We were excited by the power and speed, but we realized while riding our own prototypes over hundreds of miles that we can’t really use these bikes every day!

We wanted an eBike that would have somewhere to put our groceries. A bike that would make its presence known in traffic, that would help us see at night without blinding other drivers. A bike with one battery powering everything.

The result is the MOAR Bike. We think it’s a good first step.

How did you think of your model names? We wanted to get straight to the point and have some fun with the names of our bikes.

Sun&Fun This model is more for recreation and not meant to be ridden at night. We left out the Dual LED Projection Headlights to help bring the cost down. But this bike is no sloth, it comes with one of the largest motors on the market, a 500w rated 8Fun motor. As well as a 500WH battery. Not to forget our signature stylish good looking Unibody-Rack, folding frame and Road Safety features such as turn signals and brake lights. 24/7 As the name implies, you can ride it all day long. Our Dual LED Projection Headlights will make sure you can see and be seen on the road. We think this will be more like your combo play toy/work horse so we also gave it a bigger battery, 620WH. Enough for those long commutes. Rapt Is for the enthusiasts who demand the best and the most. We have the largest mid-drive motor on the market at 750W, built for us by 8Fun, a trusted name in ebike circle. It is as quiet and as reliable as they come.

What is so unique about the Dual LED Projection Headlights? We believe we’re the only bike manufacturer with this feature. LED headlights are quite bright, but most of them just don’t deliver the punch for longer throws. And if you were to try and tilt them up to light up the road farther ahead, they’ll blind on-coming traffic. Our Dual LED Projection Headlights are everything that they are not.

We use only market leading CREE LED to ensure light output and longevity. Our LED is rated for over 1000lm and over 30000 hours of service life. You have to see it to believe it, but you can actually see the lights they cast under sunlight. Now all that power will be wasted if you cannot put them where you need them. We put a beam projector lens over the Cree LED so you can cast the light up to 30’ ahead of you and still make a difference. Angel Eyes look cool like the headlights of a luxury car. These halos cast a glow on the rider, so drivers or other traffic can see you as a human being riding a bike, even on lightless streets.

What range can you get from the battery? We have 3 ranges of battery with our bike. They are all 48V to give you more efficiency and the maximum power you need when you want it.

10AH-(500WH) battery will take you around *30 miles on one charge of battery power alone. If you use the pedal assist you can in effect stretch the range to almost 50 miles. 13AH (620WH) battery will take you 40 miles on battery alone and 65 miles respectively 17AH (800WH) battery can take you almost 50 miles on battery alone and 85 miles with PAS. *Based on 170lb rider on a flat paved road @ a constant <15mph speed. These are rough figures so your actual mileage will vary, of course.

Will I fit on the bike? The seat height is engineered to be 33" high at its lowest setting, and it’s adjustable, so it fits riders from 5’2" to 6’4". The frame is rated for a 220lb rider. ​ Whats up with that wobble in the Electric Bike Review video? A few of our backers have seen the video review of the MOAR Bike up on EBR. In his excellent and educational review, Court Rye brought up a troubling speed wobble issue. Our team in LA immediately looked into the problem, and the fix was very simple.

The bike tested in the EBR video is a hand-made prototype that has been used in hundreds of miles of testing and video shoots. Our team found play and motion between the fork and the headtube. We tightened all the screws holding everything together, and the wobble disappeared.

We have engineered our frame to be ISO4210/mtn bike certified, and are preparing to perform these tests soon. We’ll have updates for everyone as we progress.

Is there a warranty? We use only quality components on our bikes to ensure our bikes last a long time. And we do offer a One (1) Year Limited Warranty on all our new bikes. We guarantee you will receive your MOAR ebikes free of manufacturing defects. In the unlikely case that a part breaks because of defects within the first year, we will ship replacement parts free of charge to you. Note this does not apply to rider incurred damages or normal wear and tear.

Where can my bikes be serviced? Besides our innovations, MOAR bikes have a lot in common with any other bikes and ebikes. If it’s an electrical problem, your best bet is to go to an ebike shop. If it’s a mechanical issue, like the derailleur or disc brakes needing to be adjusted or tuned-up, then it’s even easier - any bike shop can do it.

What other colors do you have? Our starting colors will be pearl white and matte black. We hope to incorporate a stretch goal for more colors. Our aluminum frame allows us to created anodized colors, same as what you find on your iPhone and MacBooks. We are the first company who can make it happen with something as large as a bike. Keep an eye out for stretch goals announcing additional color availability.

How do you charge the battery and how long does it take? The battery charges in about 4-5 hours using our included charger. You can do this while it’s on the bike or if it’s easier, take it out and charge it at home or in your office.

Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world? The charger is designed for dual 120-240V voltage, you might need a plug converter but it works anywhere you go.

How do I choose between Rear Hub Drive and Mid-Drive? A rear hub drive is way simpler in terms of operating and maintenance. In a way, you might think of it as an automatic gear shift vs a manual gear shift. With a rear hub drive, you don’t have to worry about what gear you are in when you start up your bike. With a mid-drive motor, you will need to keep track of what gear you are in, though you do have even more control over the bike’s behavior.

Is there a water bottle mount? Yes.

Can you remove the wheels if you need to put it in a car? All our bikes fold into half for easy transportation and storage. We do have a quick release on the front wheel for Sun&Fun and 24/7, which are rear hub driven, and quick releases for both wheels on the Rapt.

How does the folding work? It’s very simple, first you lift a safety thumb catch and then you release the rugged locking latch. The bike then folds smoothly in half. It’s best if you leave the kickstand down when you do this because of the weight shift.

Will this comply with the laws in Europe/Australia? This bike qualifies as an ebike without requiring a driver’s license in the US when it’s speed is limited to 20mph. Our Euro model is limited to 250W and a 15mph top-speed as required by EU countries or Australia.

What’s the top speed of the Bike? Our bikes can easily hit 25mph on battery power alone. Due to US laws we place a speed limiter at 20mph. The speed limit can be easily adjusted on the digital LCD display if you don’t plan to use it on legal roads.

Do I need to wear a helmet? Depends on local laws. We do suggest wearing a helmet at all times for your safety.

How much is shipping? Shipping and handling is $195 for shipments to the US, and $225 for international shipments.

Can I pick the bike up and avoid the shipping charge? The shipping charge includes shipping from our overseas manufacturing base, logistics and handling, so unfortunately we cannot accommodate this request.

Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT? You are responsible for any local, sales or import tax, please check your country’s import duties before purchasing. There is currently no import tax for the US, but it varies internationally. Here is a handy link to a comprehensive list.

When is the bike shipping? We are prepping for pre-production check and final tooling adjustments. We shall ship our first batch in April.

Can I get a refund? Please refer to IndieGoGo’s policy here.

Can I change or cancel my perk? Some perks are easier to change than others, generally It’s easier to upgrade your perks. You can now do so on the contributions tab of your Indiegogo profile. See more information on how to do this for Indiegogo here: