PARKIS space saving bicycle lift

PARKIS space saving bicycle lift

The first effortless vertical bike parking system. It saves space, is easy to use and looks stylish!

PARKIS-an easy and smart bicycle parking! It is an automatized bicycle parking lift, which allows you to vertically park your bicycle without any physical efforts. PARKIS lets you free up precious storage floor space at home, in your office, garage or balcony. It is eco-friendly, entirely mechanical equipment, which does not require electricity.

The price, product, shipping, and more

  • Their price range from $393 to $1560

Effortless space saving solution

Vertical bike parking is no news - bike hooks and similar solutions have been here for ages. But effortless vertical bike parking is. Some people are tough and strong, but some are not. It is really hard to lift a bike just to hang it on a hook. PARKIS is great because it can be used by almost everyone - including teenagers, elderly, pregnant women.


Accessories - multiple bikes storage

Stylish solution You can choose from two options:

Original PARKIS (yellow)

Luxury PARKIS (metallic) *

  • To make Luxury PARKIS the special surface treatment technique is being used, this process requires an extra special care during manufacturing.

PARKIS team believes that bike parking should not only be comfortable and easy but also it should have the looks. The product speaks for itself.

Balcony Maybe you are dreaming about making a little terrace in your balcony or a cozy chill zone or… well who knows what is in your creative mind, but the thing is you need more space! Well let’s be honest, balcony became the “bicycle garage”. With PARKIS you can keep bicycles in the balcony and save min. 40% more of the floor space.

Office Oh, the famous “line of bikes” rested at the wall or even worse - multiple bikes rested at each other. So if you came first to the work, good luck trying to leave - you have to move everyone else’s bicycles first, get yours and then put the rest bicycles as they were. Effort and time that is needed to do that should be rewarded by extra wage! PARKIS solves this messy situation. We believe bike parking should be simple, quick and effortless.

Garage Most garages are quite cluttered. Countless various tools and the stuff that “you might need someday” - one could easily lose their head. Well don’t let your bicycle to be a part of this clutter. As simple as that - just park your bike with PARKIS after a ride. No need to worry about the ways to keep your bike in the garage so it is stable.

Wherever you need to save space occupied by your bike or bikes - PARKIS is a solution.

Specifications This vertical bicycle lift is designed so that it can be used with the most popular bikes. Only these criteria apply:

*tire width from 38 mm (1,5″) to 51 mm (2,0″)

*wheel diameter 61 cm (24″) or more

*weight on front axis up to 15 kg (33 lb)

*mud flaps ends must be above the wheel axis. This can be checked by leaning the bike’s rear wheel against the wall. If the wheel (not a mudguard) touches the wall – Parkis is suitable for your bike’s mud flaps. Matching scheme.


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Risks and challenges Please be aware that additional customs or other taxes may be applied for consignees outside the EU upon receipt of the reward.