The Kodiak - Off Grid Home Solar System In A Box

The Kodiak - Off Grid Home Solar System In A Box

The world’s most compact, lightweight, expandable, and modular solar system

The Kodiak Solar Generator System is composed of 2 major components: the Kodiak Solar Generator , and the Solar Storm 135 GL solar panels. The solar panels collect solar energy and the Kodiak Solar Generator stores that power inside a lithium-ion battery bank.

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  • Price range from $ 1750 to $ 2420.

The Kodiak can be charged 3 different ways: via solar panels, wall charger, or even a car charger.

Below are some of the many tools and devices the Kodiak powers:

The Kodiak is the world’s first solar generator that expands to fit your needs without requiring you to purchase another entire system. It’s simple – if you want more battery storage, just connect deep cycle batteries to the external battery connection on the side of the Kodiak. Any connected batteries will charge and discharge at the same rate as the internal batteries. Thus acting as one fully-integrated system.

Each Solar Storm 135 GL panel has an extra connection on the back enabling additional panels to be connected. Connect up to 4 panels to minimize the charge time for your off-grid system.

Your Kodiak System purchase may save you over $300 off of your federal income tax! When purchased with the Predator 50 Panels, your Kodiak System may qualify you for the Federal Residential Energy Tax Credit. Please consult your tax professional.

  • There are 10x more major power outages now than there were in the 80’s & 90’s.

  • An average of 15 million households experience extended blackouts annually in the US

  • Weather conditions are responsible for 80% of all power outages.

  • The Unites States experiences more blackouts than any other developed nation.

  • Blackouts cost American businesses about $150 billion per year.

  • The American power grid was largely built after World War II from designs dating back to Thomas Edison. This aging infrastructure is the root cause of blackouts.

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The lithium-ion batteries used inside the Kodiak are the same type of batteries used in today’s electric cars & hybrids. This ensures a significantly longer life span than any other solar generator on the market - up to 4x longer.

Q: How do I get a free Kodiak Solar Generator System? A: When logged in on Indiegogo and viewing our campaign page, clicking the “link” icon to the left of our main video will generate a link to our project. This link is unique to you. Simply send this link to your friends and family, or share the project by clicking on any of the social media icons. If 5 of your referred friends or family follow the link and make a purchase, you will get a refund for the purchase price of whichever perk you have selected. Make sure they use the link so we can track it back to you! For more information click here.

Q: How much do the Kodiak & Solar Storm 135 GL Panels weigh? A: The Kodiak weighs 20 lbs & (1) Solar Storm 135 GL weighs 24 lbs.

Q: What type of AC Inverter is built into the Kodiak? A: 1,500 Watt Pure Sine Wave. Max output of 3,000 Watts.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of the Kodiak battery? A: 2,000 cycles or 10 years.

Q: What is the warranty for the Kodiak? A: The warranty is one year limited.

Q: Is the internal lithium battery user replaceable? A: No. Any battery service must be rendered by Inergy.

Q: How long will the battery hold its charge? A: About 3 months. We recommend leaving it plugged into a wall outlet during storage or recharging it every 3 months.

Q: Can I use the Kodiak while it is charging? A: Yes. It’s capable of outputting power while charging.

Q: Can I fly on an airplane with the Kodiak? A: No. The Kodiak needs to be either ground shipped to your destination, or air shipped via a shipping carrier, not a passenger airplane.

Q: How well do the Solar Storm 135 GL Solar Panels work on cloudy days? A: Panel angle & cloud cover can have up to a 60% effect on performance, but they still generate power!

Q: Can the Kodiak power my entire home? A: No. The Kodiak system is designed to power individual appliances and devices rather than plugging into the home’s breaker panel directly. For instance, electric dryers, ovens, stoves, and water heaters all exceed the Kodiak’s ability. However, gas ovens, stoves, dryers, and water heaters can be powered using the Kodiak - provided they have a standard 110 VAC wall plug.