Yecup 365 Your All Season Smart Mug

Yecup 365 Your All Season Smart Mug

The first temperature adjustable mug that can COOL DOWN or HEAT UP your drink, all day on the go!

Want your coffee to stay perfectly hot all day long in the winter? What about cold water or soda during the summertime? And since we know you don’t have the time or patience to slow down and reheat or cool down your drink, you probably don’t have time to charge your phone either – did we mention Yecup 365 also charges your smartphone and tablet?

The price, the product, shipping, payment, and more

  • Price range from $1199 to $2299

1.Based on conducted tests by Yecup on September 2016 the mug works most efficiently if ambient temperature does not exceed 25C°(77°F) and relative humidity is over 40%.

  1. Cooling takes more than an hour to see results.

  2. Yecup is mainly designed to Maintain temperature.